Some Air

HIM: Honey, what are you doing?

ME: I’m exercising.

HIM: I know that, but you just got up and started exercising.

ME: It’s my new routine I worked out with my life coach–the first hour of my day begins with exercise.

HIM: That’s great, I always exercise for 2 hours before I go to work, usually I swim for one, then bike or lift weights for another hour, then come home wake you up and go to work.

ME: (competitively): Well I can exercise for two hours.

HIM: (Doubtful) What will you do for the second hour?

ME: I don’t know. Which do you think is higher impact Facebook or Twitter?

HIM: Well Im going to get some air.

ME: You just got home. There’s air in the house.

HIM: I like cookies with my air.

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