Butch But Bejeweled

HIM: So Debbie brought down some of Mrs. Carrillos Birthday Cake.

ME: Did you eat it?

HIM: Yeah, it was delicious.

ME: Good. I had an apple and a pear for desert. They were delicious too.

HIM: I wish I hadn’t eaten that cake. I’m going to burn it off. I’m cleaning out this closet.

ME: (thinking… oh no… sugar high closet cleaning… this is NOT going to be good)

HIM: What is this bolt of black cloth? I’m tossing it.

ME: NO! That’s my muwashi. My sumo wrestling outfit.

HIM: You mean that big black diaper that you had the audacity to wear on M-TV.

ME: I was wrestling Akebono. The man is a beast… and I split with him.

HIM: You mean he tossed you out of the ring like you were a hand full of sand the first time, and the second time he tripped and got off balance and you dived on top of him and he went down.

ME: No I mean we wrestled two matches and I won one, and he won one.

HIM: Well I’m throwing it out. You’ve retired from Sumo.

ME: I have not. I’m just on extended hiatus. I was an awesome sumo wrestler… Kuriyama… It means Black Mountain.

HIM: Yeah, but you had another title… what was it they used to call you?

ME: It’s not important..

HIM.. oh yeah… “the world’s most effeminate sumo wrestler”

ME: Bitch! I wasn’t THAT effeminate.

HIM: Please! There’s sequins on this thing.

ME: So? Sequins can be butch. In the right circumstance.

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