In Case of Fire

HIM: Hi Honey.

ME: Who is this?

HIM: What do you mean who is this? WHO ELSE calls you honey?

ME: We have a bad connection. I didn’t recognize your voice.

HIM: Where are you?

ME: What do you mean where am I? I’m at home.

HIM: Oh okay… in that case, I’m going to the college and work out with the new swim team. My old coach asked me to come by. His sons and a lot of my old teammates will be there. It’ll be like old home week.

ME: So… you wanted me to rush home from my afternoon with the girls to be here when you got home, and now you’re going to go work out with your old college team mates… (singing) “Glory Days”

HIM: Don’t even go there. Who has their Michigan Letter Jacket hanging in the door of the closet.

ME: Well if there’s a fire, I can grab it on my way out.

HIM: What about me? You wouldn’t grab me?

ME: I figured you’d be carrying me out.

HIM: All the more reason I need to work out as much as possible.

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