Catholic Guilt?

ME: Good morning.

HIM: Who are these guys you posted on your page?

ME: Just random guys–why?

HIM: Take them down.


HIM: They’re not even that good looking.

ME: They are to me. I’m just window shopping not buying.

HIM: You shouldn’t be window shopping. You have everything you need at home.

ME: Do I? Hmmm… I didn’t get that memo.

HIM: You only did this because you are pissed off about that comment I made about the 3-D breast mammograms.

ME: (Thinking… it’s a good thing he’s cute and predominantly sweet… cause he’s slow as hell… FINALLY he figures it out.)

HIM: Okay… I’m SORRY… It was an insensitive remark. I should have never said it.

ME: You should have NEVER thought it.

HIM: I should have never THOUGHT it? That’s a little unreasonable.

ME: I’m like the Catholic Church… I have to set the standards high.

HIM: (Laughing)

ME: What’s so funny?

HIM: You are EXACTLY like the catholic church, self-righteous, corrupt, ridiculous, pretentious.

ME: Okay Enough….

HIM: And you DO set the standards high in the day, then at night…

ME: I said enough.

HIM: So do you want to play Priest and Altar Boy?

ME: I have to go get fish. Maybe when I get back.

HIM: I have to surf. There’s huge swells today… I won’t be here. So are you going to take the pictures down?

ME: (Lying) Yeah…. when I get back. (Thinking,.. I am like the Catholic Church WICKED to the bone.