Deondray Gossett

28321_411204538784_7215952_nAs a child, Deondray was extraordinarily beautiful and gifted—who looked just like me and reminded me very much of myself.  He was a high school athlete, but really excelled in singing and play production, winning a first place trophy for his history-making portrayal of Romeo where he became the first African American to play the role and win the top honor in the history of the Drama Teacher’s Association Shakespeare Festival for LAUSD schools. He also won a 3rd and 4th place trophy in that festival for playing Walter Lee Beu Willie Jones in Colored Museum and Othello in Othello, making him one of the few actors in the city wide festival to place that many times. He subsequently ran in the festival every year for three consecutive years during high school.  After high school, he enjoyed several plum rolls for a number of years in Sister Act 2, The Hughleys, The Parenthood, Rosewell, and MTV’s Undressed etc. During this time he earned a degree in psychology.

Currently he is a successful TV Producer for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, and NBC’s The Sing Off, and has his own GLAAD-Award Winning LGBT television series, The DL Chronicles. He is in a happy 16+ year relationship with his life and business partner, and is a quintessential example of what is good and inspiring about this world. He altears of absolute joy, forever, came this day.  (Although Quincy is a gifted writer, and director, regrettably he is TERRIBLE with plants, and killed the bonsai tree I so owns and operates one of Hollywood’s hottest upcoming production companies, 2-Cents Productions.

At the 2014 Grammy Awards,  Deondray married the love of his life Quincy Lenear, making LGBT history. Tears of joy,tears of joy… forever came today…  However…regrettably, although Quincy is a brilliant writer, he is a bonsai assassin, and killed the bonsai I gave them as a wedding gift.524621_10152254724864388_1951107872_n