Dr. C A (Tony) Buffington

Other than being from Ohio State, I am hard-pressed to find any truly objectionable aspect of this man. If I can become half as good of a teacher as he is, I will have some truly lucky students.  There were many people, who made it possible for me to travel the road of “Doctoral Destiny.” Without some of those gracious contributions, I may have not been successful, but without the Dr. Buffington and his unwavering support, tenacity, compassion and just basic human decency I would definitely not have succeeded. So if you get annoyed because I insist that you call me Dr. Gordon, this man is largely to blame. You can go to his link at Ohio State and send him a nasty email, although I would advise approaching him, like he approaches my research, i.e., with caution, because, clinically speaking, he has “Negro Tendencies.” Trust me I know.  The last thing you want to do is find yourself in the Biomedical Library sobbing profusely, with him holding a box of tissues in his left hand, while looking up journal articles on PUBMED for you to read with his right.