Dr. Candace Pert

I have the distinction of being the last student to have the honor of having this amazingly gifted, marvelously brilliant and talented woman to serve on their doctoral committee.  This was something you really didn’t need to do, Dr. Pert, something, you really didn’t have the spare time to do, but you made the time for me.  I am so truly grateful.  Thank you for making the time for me. Thank you for your book, “The Molecules of Emotion”, one of the hottest books ever!!! Thank you for your Peptide T work, discovering opiate receptors on the brain and your many, many other contributions to science. Thank you having the courage to be a female force in a male dominated area.  Most of all, though, thank you for the many times that you said, “you’re a brilliant man,” it gave me shelter from the harsh scrutiny a large black man seeking a terminal degree in basic science is subjected to in an environment that was ill-suited to accommodating that which is different and unfamiliar.