Drilling, Diving, & Signing

HIM: I’m going swimming
ME: How appropriate… today’s Greg Louganis’s birthday.
HIM: What’s that got to do with anything? I go swimming everyday. And I thought you hated Greg Louganis…
ME:I don’t hate him… we’re even friends on Facebook
HIM: You use to hate him.
ME: NO I didn’t… I was annoyed by that book thing…. but that wasn’t his fault that was West Hollywood’s fault.
HIM: There were lines around the block for his book signing… unfortunate that your book signing was on the same day.
ME: I only had a 153 people come to my book signing that day…my WORST book signing EVER…AND in WEST HOLLYWOOD,,, I mean I could understand it if it was West Virginia, but WEST HOLLYWOOD. Those are my people!
HIM: Apparently they’re Greg Louganis’s people first.
ME: Apparently… (I laugh)
HIM: Well this is no fun if you’re not going to be upset. This used to be a surefire button.
ME: That was iong ago… I’m over it…. I bet you wish you could swim as fast as him.
HIM: He was a diver. I could take him in swimming.
ME: I doubt that honey… let’s be realistic.
HIM: (Annoyed) I could swim laps around him. Divers are never great swimmers… You know NOTHING about swimming.
ME: Just saying he just seems like he would be a better swimmer.
HIM: (FURIOUS) Well why the f**k don’t you just marry Greg Louganis… then!
ME: (Thinking…. drill for nerves in the bull… you get the horn)

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