Let Them Eat Cake

HIM: WHAT are you doing?

ME: Making a Birthday cake for young Dr. Korb like I always do on his birthday.

HIM: I want a slice of it.

ME: You can’t It’s for his party.

HIM: I want a slice of it. He shouldn’t be more important than me. (Jealous)

ME: He’s NOT more important than you. But Step AWAY from the cake.

HIM: Look how much energy you’re putting into this. You made blue & yellow and chocolate frosting!

ME: Robert, it’s a drop of food coloring and one second to make different colored frostings.

HIM: (looking at the candles) 32? 32? You’re always going for these young guys.

ME: I’m not always going for anybody. I’m making my friend a birthday cake because his GIRLFRIEND is an MD and has no baking skills, per se, not to mention time.

HIM: I’m sure her skills are fine.

ME: Robert she’s rounding at the hospital Besides I always make Alex a birthday cake. It’s out tradition.

HIM: (takes a knife and cuts off the end of the cake)


HIM: And I’m leaving this frosting on my face so he knows I had some of his birthday cake BEFORE him.

ME: What is wrong with you?

HIM: You never make me a birthday cake like this.

ME: I make you a birthday cake EVERY year. And EVERY year you refuse to eat it and buy an expensive cake from some trendy bakery.

HIM: That’s because you’re the cook from hell. When is he coming to get this?

ME: This afternoon, why?

HIM: Because I have to go to work soon, and I want him to see this frosting on my face.

ME: (thinking… “for better or worse, in sickness and in health… this DEFINITELY some of the sickness”)

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