The Facebook Diet

HIM: I see you’re on Facebook.
ME: What’s your point?
HIM: Well yesterday you made this BIG announcement about how you were ONLY going to spend 5 minutes a day on Facebook…Your “Facebook Diet.”
ME: (Busy posting on Facebook, not paying attention to him) What’s your point?
HIM: Your Facebook Diet is like the time you quitting eating red meat, and decided that bacon and sausage weren’t red meat.
ME: I don’t eat bacon, sausage or ANY meat except fish now, so what’s your point?
HIM: This is 20 years later, how were you right?
ME: It’s not my fault I’m too complex for you to understand?
HIM: You will NEVER change.
ME: Of course not, why would I?
HIM: You are SO arrogant.
ME: I am NOT, arrogance is a flaw.
HIM: You are too. If you were a super hero… you’d be called Captain Arrogance.
ME: No, I’d be called DOCTOR Arroganto!

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