Your FB Wall Is My FB Wall–NOT

HIM: What you thinking about?
ME: Life, happiness, family, being kind.
HIM: Oh you’re in monk mode
ME: No, just thinking that’s all. What are you thinking about.
HIM: Getting my swimming time faster, lifeguard training.
ME: Oh you’re in Baywatch mode
HIM: I HATE that! I’m just thinking about my swimming and my job.
ME: Sorry, but that show gave you guys a LOT of good PR
HIM: Whatever. So you’re thinking about family and being kind huh?
ME: Yeah.
HIM: Well I’m your family and making me some vegan chocolate mousse would be VERY KIND.
ME: How dare you try to exploit my spiritual state of mind.
HIM: I’m just trying to give you an opportunity to be kind and participate in family.
ME: (Thinking… In some ways life was so much easier when Diana Ross was my inspiration, than it is with this damn Dahli Lama). And another thing! You are a post-a-holic
HIM: No I’m not.
ME: Yes you are. You post ALL of THESE things on MY wall.
HIM: We’re marred. Your wall is our wall.
ME: No it’s not.
HIM: My wall is our wall.
ME: Of course it is.
HIM: Well then why isn’t YOUR wall OUR wall.
ME: I have been trying to explain this simple concept to you since the day we were married… what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is ours.

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