Gay Marriage…

ME: So they overturned the ban on gay marriage.

HIM: Who cares.

ME: Queens who want to get married.

HIM: Fools. Be careful what you wish for.

ME: What the hell is that supposed to mean.

HIM: Nothing dear. This rain is nice huh?

ME: Don’t try to change this subject.

HIM: I’m just saying, who needs a piece of paper to validate a relationship.

ME: True or you could just do like we did, go down to the Registrar’s office and get a license and go to the church and get married.

HIM: Not everybody is as convincing in a dress as you are.

ME: So you admit I was a beautiful bride.

HIM: Whatever…

ME: Admit it.

HIM: Okay you were a beautiful bride. AND…


HIM: And I’m glad I sold your wedding dress on E-Bay!

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