Genevieve Ishtar Keller

1959342_10202132462688054_1592007199_nAs a child, Genevieve was extraordinarily beautiful and gifted—who looked just like me and reminded me very much of myself.  She has been in a committed relationship for 16 years. They have two cats who think they’re kids. She loves gardening, painting and sketching. She loves to try new foods and is a gourmet cook.

Currently she is the owner of Cast Shadow Design, a web design company in San Diego, California. Her passion is working with small businesses in order to help them achieve the next growth level.  Her company is a one-stop contact for website, email and design needs.  People can rest assured that she is there for them, and she loves the changes and updates that the web requires.  This you can thank me for, because I put my godchildren through changes.

She has more than 17 years experience in web design, development and hosting (that’s
not counting the 20 years I age her each time she does a project for me!).  She has also spent more than 2 years in conversion and landing page design, and social media customization. She loves to work with clients from soup to nuts.  (I would be the nuts part). 1011183_10201898983571222_2104372494_n