In Sickness And In Health 7

ME: Are you awake?
HER: Of course I’m awake I’m God.
ME: I’m scared.
HER: You’re always scared of something–grow a pair.
ME: I don’t want to die.
HER: Everybody has to die, get over it–that’s just how I roll.
ME: i know but I’m not ready to die right now.
HER: If you’re not ready to die, you’re not ready to live.
ME: Why must you be so infelicitous?
HER: That’s way you like it.
ME: What will happen to Robert and all my friends and family?
SHE: That’s confidential you know I can’t tell you that.
ME: Why must you be so Lesbian-like?
SHE: Because being your God is a rough gig that requires sensible shoes and no frills.
ME: Okay whatever… I just got to talk to you there’s all these things going on.
SHE: I know what’s going on with you, i’m on Facebook.

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