Grace Danger Clary

31120_1310990859778_5757324_nAs a child, Gracie was extraordinarily beautiful and gifted—who looked just like me and reminded me very much of myself.  Recently Gracie attended Pace University for 2 years.  (Now why you would choose a school that doesn’t have a football team over the University of Michigan—no matter how good their arts are—still escapes me, but that’s okay—this is not about me—per se.

Driven by her passion and destiny, she took a leave of absence to honor her life journey and realize a dream of becoming a singer songwriter—which she is definitely fabulous at.   Regrettably, she is currently living in NYC—which is much too ugly of a city for a pretty girl like her—instead of someplace sunny, bright, and fabulous and geographically friendly, like Los Angeles, for example, but no one listens to me.  She works part time spreading joy, in a children’s birthday party company performing as princesses, cartoon characters and pop stars, which I find very admirable.   People remember their childhood birthday parties for their entire lives—good stuff.

10296612_10201858625492229_7992980642575801956_nShe is currently working on her first album which is a pop album with a jazz influence that doesn’t have any of the fabulous lyrics that I have written for her, but that’s okay, this is not about me—per se—so let’s just move on—I get it, how can you be a singer songwriter if somebody else writes the lyrics—even if that somebody is a very large man with cardiac concerns and goes into arrhythmias when he hears his sweet goddaughter singing about adult type things that she shouldn’t even know about.   She has finished writing 15 of “these songs” on her current album and has a You Tube Channel for covers.10351321_10202053019151949_7211097026726326504_n

NOTE: I forbid certain male elements of society (and you know who you are) to go there and leer at her.