Hubby’s Choice

HIM: Have you been up all night?
ME: Is it morning?
HIM: Yes.
ME: Then I’ve been up all night.
HIM: Doing what?
ME: Writing.
HIM: Why?
ME: Because when you’re a writer you have to write when you’re inspired and you can’t be bothered by petty consensual realities like linear time.
HIM: Oh of course, what was I thinking.
ME: I don’t know. I’ve told you that a 1000 times.
HIM: Sorry, sometimes I don’t listen to you. I just watch your jaw go up and down.
ME: So what are you doing today? It’s your day off right?
HIM: I’m going surfing.
ME: But I wrote 45 pages on my memoir last night. Wouldn’t you rather stay home and have me read them to you?
HIM: Ummm… let’s see… Go surfing on a perfect bright sunny day, or stay inside and listen to YOU read what YOU have written about YOUR life.
ME: Yeah those are the choices.
HIM: If that was Sophie’s Choice, it would have been a MUCH shorter movie.

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