Hubby’s First Flea Market

ME: How was the Flea Market

HIM: It was horrible. I hate this class.

ME: Didn’t you learn anything?

HIM: I learned I HATE flea markets, a bunch of Whiskey Tango people walking around buying tacky stuff from Lesbian couples. It was HORRIBLE…

ME: It sounds horrible. You didn’t get beat up by a dyke did you?

HIM: No, thankfully you weren’t there to insult one and get us beat up.

ME: It’s not my fault they have no sense of humor and are violence prone.

HIM: But guess what? I got to go in the Locker room at the Rose Bowl… and I bought some sweat socks for cheap.

ME: You got to go into the Locker room at the Rose Bowl cool.

HIM: Yeah it was very cool. There was a lot of stuff in there about Michigan. I took pictures of the Michigan stuff for you.

ME: Great send it to me on my phone.

HIM: Okay. How was your day?

ME: Fine I did my radio show. Do you want to listen to it?

HIM: I listen to you talk all day.

ME: But this is different.

HIM: I know, it’s better cause I can turn it off.

ME: And this is why God made you spend the afternoon in Pasadena with White Trash shopping among lesbians… you’re rude.

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