Hubby’s First Swap Meet

(Two hours of much slicing, dicing, & festive food arranging)

HIM: Honey I’m home.

ME: I made you a great dinner.

HIM: Not hungry. Ate a burrito on the way home.


HIM: How was I supposed to know you would make dinner, Let’s face it, the smart money is NOT on that happening,

ME: Fair enough, So how was your afternoon?

HIM: HORRIBLE I had to go to another Swap Meet for my “Leisure in Contemporary Society” class.

ME: How many do you have to go to?

HIM: Two this was the last one. Thank God! IT WAS WORSE THAN THE ONE AT THE ROSE BOWL.

ME: Are you kidding?

HIM: Tacky, Tacky, Tacky. It was in East Redondo Beach… at an old drive-in movie theatre.

ME: EAST Re-dumb-dumb Beach? That’s like Ghetto adjacent. Who goes to East Redondo Beach?

HIM: Hundreds of people were there…

ME: Really?

HIM: Yes, and the parking was $1.00 for the whole day, and these people were so tacky and cheap they were bringing coupons and slowing up the incredibly long line of cars.

ME: You can’t be serious.

HIM: It gets worse. They were selling USED SOCKS!!

ME: Worn by whom? Celebrities?

HIM: No, just by people with feet. I HATE this fucking class! I’m beginning to think my teacher’s a dyke.

ME: Having to go to not one, but two Swap Meets as a class assignment, I’m thinking she can lick an envelope after it’s in the mailbox.

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