Kitchen Chemist

HIM: Dinner was delicious. I really loved that pie. What was in it?

ME: Quinoa, hemp protein, cacao, orange zest, apples, cinnamon and Splenda.

HIM: Okay you’re starting to freak me out here.

ME: Why?

HIM: Cause this was really good. It can’t possibly be healthy. And you couldn’t have possibly made it, where’s the grease?

ME: You know we’re an oil free/wheat free house.

HIM: We are?

ME: We are.

HIM: But I usually hate that Vegan shit, how did you make it taste so good?

ME: You know I love chemistry. And good vegan cooking relies a lot on simple chemistry, emulsions, colligative properties, eutectic mixtures and what not.

HIM: You are beyond weird.

ME: You’re welcome.

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