A Lock of His Hair

HIM: I’m home I’m freezing.

ME: You’re all wet.

HIM: Well i had Jet Ski Safety Training and it’s raining.

ME: i made you some hot soup.

HIM: Your boyfriend’s in town.

ME: I know he’s staying at the Beverly Hilton. He’s doing a fundraiser in Holmby Hills, and he’s having his haircut by Flash. I need to go get my haircut.

HIM: You just got a haircut….

ME: He’s not coming in the salon. She’s going to his room… that LUCKY BITCH.

HIM: Imagine Billi, alone in a hotel room with Obama… go ahead salivate…

ME: This is so sad.

HIM: What?

ME: I just realized you’re really old when you find the President sexy.

HIM: A lot of women find him sexy, young and old. But you are really old.

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