I Love Lucy

HIM: Hi honey I’m home.

ME: I see that.

HIM: What’s wrong with you?

ME: I was shooting all day.

HIM: Shooting what?

ME: Me planting a garden.

HIM: Oh well that’s nice.

ME: (Shocked) WHAT? What do you mean that’s nice? You ALWAYS have a fit when I plant a garden.

HIM: As long as you’re neat about it, and don’t plant any contraband.

ME: Are you having an affair? Why are you being so agreeable?

HIM: You’ve already planted the garden right?

ME: Yes, and I borrowed Mr. Carrillos shovel, and you’ll never believe what happened.

HIM: You broke it.

ME: How’ did you know?

HIM: Cause you’re like I Love Lucy–the Hell Version.