In Sickness And In Health 6

Me & The Chief Radiologist in Nuclear Medicine: (My phone rings… and my ringtone is Hail to the Victors–of course)
HIM: Is that the Michigan fight song?
ME: Yeah, I’m a Michigan alum.
HIM: I’m an Ohio State Grad
ME: (thinking… I heard this guy was brilliant…how can this be… I’m doomed.)
HIM: So, have you made any plans?
ME: For what?
HIM: Your death. Cause if this isn’t cancer… I’m going to kill you… so you’re ticket is getting punched either way. (we laugh)
ME: Yeah well at least you won’t miss OSU’s bowl game when they have your trial next year.
HIM: Enjoy it while it last.. cause IT WON’T LAST!!!
ME: So, seriously, you really graduated from Ohio State?
HIM: Yeah.
ME: And you went to medical school in the Caribbean or Mexico?
HIM: No… Stanford…
HIM: yeah… REALLY… Other Ohio State grads got into Stanford Medical School…
ME: Yeah but the others were cadavers.

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