Obama’s Domestic Policy

HIM: Honey I’m home. Did you see the Republican debate?
ME: Yes, then I had to go look at a picture of Barack Obama to settle my stomach. I feel sorry for the Republicans.
HIM: I like Newt Gingrich. I LOVE this moon thing. I want to conquer space. It’s about time.
ME: That’s cause you’re a conquer junky.
HIM: Well it’s not like I’m going to vote Republican… but if we had to vote Republican who would you pick.
ME: Ron Paul is the best one by FAR.
HIM: No Gingrich.
ME: I can’t believe you like him. Ron Paul is DEFINITELY better. I can’t believe you like Gingrich.
HIM: I can’t believe we’re arguing about which Republican candidate is better when we both love Barack Obama… well I like him… and you lust after him.
ME: I don’t lust after him. I like what he stands for.
HIM: Okay summarize his domestic policy.
ME: He and Michele share the housework equally.

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