ME: Good morning… How long have you been up.

HIM: I didn’t really sleep last night.

ME: Oh.. I fell asleep right after I got done taking to Quizmo.

HIM: I know. Which reminds me what is wrong with you two?

ME: Nothing why?

HIM: You guys are always doing these ridiculous quizzes, like “Who was the captain of the 1925, 26 Michigan football team?

ME: Bennie Oosterban that was easy.

HIM: But who cares? I mean who needs to know what position Gerald Ford played?

ME: Center. Give me another one.

HIM: I am NOT quizzing you! I’m trying to make a point.

ME: Which is?

HIM: The other night I heard you ask him what the Capital of Azerbaijan was?

ME: Baku. Gimme another one.

HIM: I am NOT quizzing you! I’m trying to say HOW is this useful information?

ME: What if we get shipped wrecked on a desert island and didn’t have Google. Then what would we do?

HIM: I’d swim out to the shipping lanes and get us rescued, while you’d probably be trying to send your friend a smoke signal asking him what the score was of the Michigan Notre Dame game in 1923.

ME: We didn’t play Notre Dame in 1923. But that was a good year… we were undefeated, Fielding Yost was the coach–we won the big ten. Robert? Robert? No he didn’t just walk out of the house and go swimming while I was talking to him…

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