Remembering Buster

HIM: Wake up.. I’m going to swim then I’m going to school, and I’ll be there the rest of the day. Promise me you’ll get some rest.
ME: I will I just have to prepare for this meeting about the radio show, and check in with CAA about the TV show… and then check with Frosty about the stuff we shot at the hospital… and make arrangements with USC media relations so Frosty can go back and shoot some more stuff with the staff….
HIM: That’s NOT rest. Do I need to stay home and MAKE you rest?
ME:No, that would NOT be rest (Thinking… good thing I didn’t tell him that Maureen is coming over today and we’re doing some hypnosis and we’re shooting it)
HIM: Did you see this? Sheldon Andelson donated 12 million dollars to New Gingrich.
ME: It’s too bad Jeff is dead… he could make billions with the tabloids… I miss Jeff…
HIM: He did have an impressive client list, senators, millionaires, movie stars
ME: (Thinking… That’s not all he had that was impressive.)
HIM: I hate closet queens.
ME: Maybe it was just a phase. Everybody has to go on their life journey. Besides it’s just hearsay… I never did him.
HIM: I certainly never did him.
ME: So maybe all those high-priced gay call boys are lying. (we laugh)
HIM: And maybe he was just at those parties cause he was writing paper on gays (we laugh) That’s what I’m doing with you… writing a paper,,,
ME: And how’s that working out for you?
HIM: It’s taking longer than I thought… (We laugh)

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