Riot Gear

HIM: They have 3-D Breast mammograms now… mmm delicious.
ME: What? What’s wrong with you?
HIM: What do you mean what’s wrong with me? I’m married to you. THAT’S what’s wrong with me.
ME: You’re welcome.
HIM: Well I have stuff to do.
ME: What are you doing?
HIM: Cleaning out the garage.
ME: Okay, I’ll make dinner for you.
HIM: Thanks
(hour later)
HIM: Well it’s not there. I guess I’ll clean out the back closet.
ME: Why
HIM: Cause I think you and Dr Neavin are right. This Trayvon Martin ting is going to result in TERRIBLE riots.
ME: I know it will. But what’s that got to do with cleaning out the garage and the back closet.
HIM: I’m looking for my “black owned” T-Shirt… that you got me for the LA riots.

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