In Sickness And In Health 1

ME: Oh Hi honey… what are you doing here?
HIM: What do you mean what am I doing here? You’re in the hospital and we’re married.
ME: You have a terrible cold and you should be at home.
HIM: I see you’re right across the hall from the medication room… that must save your nurse some steps.
ME: Don’t judge me.
HIM: So what about the lump?
ME: What about it? We’ll know what it is tomorrow.
HIM: I’m so worried.
ME: Why?… if it’s cancer, worrying is not going to fix it. If it’s not, there’s nothing to worry about. Never put today’s—
HIM: I KNOW… never put today’s sunshine behind tomorrow’s clouds…. you always say that about EVERYTHING… You have to PLAN….
ME: I do… I plan on growing old with you.
HIM: You’re already old.
ME: So I look younger than you.
HIM: No you don’t.
ME: Yes I do. You went swimming tonight didn’t you.
HIM: Why do you ask?
ME: I’m not asking I’m making a statement.
HIM: What does it matter?
ME: BECAUSE you HAVE A COLD!!! Do you want to catch pneumonia?
HIM: Don’t put today’s sunshine behind tomorrow’s clouds.

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