Sigma Chi, Delta Sig, Alpha Q

HIM: Good morning Sunshine!
ME: Leave me alone, I’m exhausted, I have hypnosis at noon and I have to shoot all afternoon and I am…
HIM: …feeling and looking like hell, because you were up 1/2 the night with your Michigan buddy taking about Michigan Sports… awww too bad…. mmm you do look terrible… pity…
ME: What’s your problem?
HIM: I heard you trashing USC.
ME: (lying) I wasn’t trashing USC.
HIM: (mocking) I’d like to play them in the Big House in November and see how good those woose’s are.
ME: You were supposed to be asleep in the back room.
HIM: Well if you weren’t so loud. I swear, it’s like a Frat house around here sometimes.
ME: No it’s not, we don’t have any girls to impregnate like you did at Alpha Q
HIM: It was Delta Sig and that was a cheap shot.
ME: It was Alpha Q for you and Brooke.
HIM: Let it go.
ME: I’m not letting ANYTHING go..when you and Brooke were there she got pregnant.. When you and I were there some guy threw up on me!
HIM: That only happened one time to both both of you (laughs) And you could’ve gotten pregnant but you just weren’t ovulating.
ME: Don’t make me slap you.. This is why Frats weren’t popular when I was at Michigan.
HIM: No, it’s because when you were at Michigan the Greek alphabet only had two letters…
ME: Don’t you have a beach to go to?
HIM: No I have PLENTY of time. And why are you hating on frats… didn’t you tell me you were in Sigma Chi or was it the Betas when you were at Michigan.
ME: See you never listen to me. It was both, and I did NOT say I was in them. I said they were in me.

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