The Spearmint Rhino

HIM: So can I go to the Spearmint Rhino with my buddies from work?

ME: That sleazy strip club downtown by USC?

HIM: Well I don’t know how sleazy it is. I’ve never been there. I heard so much about it.

ME: Sure go ahead, have fun.

HIM: You’re mad. I won’t go.

ME: I’m not mad. Seriously, go ahead, have fun. I’m sure Tucker would love a little brother.

HIM: That was uncalled for. I won’t go.

ME: I was joking. No seriously go. Oh and do me a favor. Tell Candy, Tiki and Amber I said hi.

HIM: You know girls who work there?

ME: Yeah, I know a bunch of girls that work there. Remember when I got She-Devil pole dancing lessons for her birthday a long time ago… She became friends with a bunch of strippers, and I met them all and you know me, I’m gregarious and I keep in touch with people.

HIM: Well I’m coming home.

ME: Why? I thought you were going to the Spearmint Rhino with you buddies from work.

HIM: How can I have any fun at a strip club where you know the girls? If I even think about doing anything, they’re going to be on the phone to you. Not that I would do anything.

ME: Of course you wouldn’t.

HIM: We’re just going to drink. Luca gave up happy endings for Lent. And the other guys are married like me, or have steady girlfriends.

ME: I’m sure it’s just clean fun. That’s why you should go. You deserve it for keeping our beaches safe.

HIM: Nah, I’ll just come home.

ME: (Thinking… and this is one of the advantages of being married to a real blonde… they’ll believe anything)

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