Spring Break In The Living Room

HIM: Wake up, say good bye to me I gotta go to work.
ME: Good bye. So what’d you think of the Michigan kids last night?
HIM: I thought they were great.
ME: You’re just glad they’re staying at a hotel and not here.
HIM: Why do you like to terrorize me?
ME: Because it’s so easy. You come unglued at the least little thing.
HIM: The thought of having 20 college kids on Spring Break stay in your house for a week with you supervising is NOT a little thing.
ME: Oh come on these are Michigan kids they’re smart… they’re not going to stay with people their parents age on Spring Break. Plus our house is too small for 20 kids to stay here.
HIM: I know that. But that’s logical thinking, something you don’t do.
ME: I’m very logical.
HIM: So you seemed a little disappointed with them.
ME: I was and I wasn’t. I wasn’t disappointed with them. I’m just sad that many of the great traditions at Michigan are gone… like Whiskey slut Sunday; Then annual LSD Mime fest & Dog Orgy; Amphetamine Arb Cleaning Day; The Beta’s Spring Bisexuality, Sweaty Betty & Bluesathon … all gone.
HIM: But at least they will be able to remember their college days.
ME: Don’t judge me and If you can remember your college days, you’ve failed.
HIM:And they will graduate with all of their brain cells.
ME: These kids are Michigan, not USC, they have PLENTY of brain cells to spare.

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