Super Bowl Sunday Showdown

Me & My Private Demon…

HIM: It’s the Super Bowl, Order a Pizza.

ME: NO! I don’t eat processed food. I don’t eat between meals.

HIM: But it’s the Super Bowl. No one has to know. Robert’s swimming…., Eat the Pizza hide the box. You’ve done that a 1000 times… come on… Double cheese, pepperoni, sausage….

ME: NO! I would know.

HIM: Yeah, but you can rationalize it to yourself. You didn’t go any Super Bowl Parties, you’ve been so good for so long, what’s one little cheat?


HIM: Come on… Just click on Domino’s Online… and Build a pizza.

ME: Well Okay… (Go to Dominoes online… build a HELATIOUS PIZZA…. click on Weight Watcher’s online)

HIM: What are you doing? You didn’t order it.

ME: Because I’m not your bitch anymore.

HIM: Of course you’re my bitch. You’ve been my bitch for years… ribs billi, ribs, barbecued ribs, ice cream, Haggen Daz….

ME: Haggen THIS…. BROCCOLI… I’m eating BROCCOLI.

HIM: Who eats broccoli on Super Bowl Sunday. Not even white people would do something like that. You’re no fun anymore…

ME: And in this case… THAT’S A GOOD THING.

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