The Michigan Difference VS The USC Difference

HIM: Hi honey…
ME: What are you doing here? (I’m watching the playoffs)
HIM: I miss you. It’s too quiet and tidy at home without you.
ME: I’m watching the playoffs?
HIM: This room is a mess. Did housekeeping come?
ME: Yeah a couple hours ago…I met some buddies down here… some doctors… and they been dropping in watching the game. We made a little mess…. So I’m getting discharged on Tuesday afternoon.
HIM: I’m working… how will you get home? Maybe I should take the day off…
ME: NO.. my girlfriends will pick me up and then we’re going shopping at the Produce Mart and at LA Seafoods, for fish and veggies.
HIM: I don’t think that’s a good plan.
ME: I agree… what is Harbaugh thinking?
HIM: You should come straight home.
ME: Yeah, that’s what I say… run the ball straight up the middle. Oh I met this really cool dude, he was my nurse… he’s got some awesome tats and he drives a ferrari… isn’t that wild… a nurse driving a Ferrari?
HIM: You know how you’re always talking about “The Michigan Difference”?
ME: Yeah
HIM: Well THAT’S the USC difference….. (we laugh)

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