Us Time

HIM: I’m SO glad you’re home.
ME: Me too. (turning on the computer and the tv)
HIM: I wanted to talk to you.
ME: About what?
HIM: I don’t know about something. Whatever I just want to spend some time with you.
ME: Okay… Few Minutes of silence later
HIM: I don’t want to fight with you.
ME: Why would we fight?
HIM: Cause you always start fights with me.
ME: Okay… Well I feel the house is too clean and you’re just trying to say that Patrick could keep the house perfectly clean if not for me. You were DELIBERATELY being overly tidy.
HIM: I think that you’re deliberately messy. And it’s an ethnic assault on me for being white.
ME: It’s not my fault you’re too white. (Take off my clothes and throw them in the middle of floor.)
HIM: You going to leave those there?
ME: Yup.
HIM: (Smiles) It’s so good to have things back to normal.

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