Very unPC

ME: My computer came back from Apple today. They fixed all the problems… I LOVE Apple. They understand customer service.

HIM: They understand serving THEIR type of customer.

ME: What do you mean by that?

HIM: They ship you a box, you put the computer in it, Fed X picks it up and they fix it and ship it back. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

ME: And it only took them 4 days from beginning to end. Apple Rocks.

HIM: I can fix my own PC

ME: Not really.

HIM: Yes I can.

ME: No you can’t because the only way to REALLY fix a PC is to turn it into a Mac.

HIM: PC’s aren’t that bad.

ME: I’d rather be on drugs than be on a PC

HIM: So you’d rather be on drugs than be on a lot of things.