Valentine’s Day

HIM: Well what shall we do for the rest of the night?

ME: Watch TV

HIM: But it’s Valentine’s Day, we should do something romantic.

ME: Fighting over the remote is romantic.

HIM: I think you should give me control of the remote as a Valentine’s Day present.

ME: I gave you an exotic vegan dessert from Leaf that was delicious and healthy and sugar, flour and guilt free. And I gave you OTHER things.

HIM: Yeah, but I want the remote.

ME: That’s unfortunate… because you can’t have it.

HIM: Did you like my Valentine’s E-Card?

ME: It was the same E-Card I sent you.


ME: Yeah, didn’t you open my e-card? Wait… You didn’t open my E-Card.

HIM: I didn’t open it YET. Valentine’s Day is not over.

ME: As far as I’m concerned it is. And we’re watching Desperate Housewives on TIVO.

HIM: Come on… how is that fair? I HATE that shit.

ME: I’m NOT watching Zombies on the Chill Network.

HIM: I love you. But I REALLY do NOT like you.

ME: Ditto… Now Shut-up Susan just discovered Julie’s pregnant.

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