HIM: (Singing & Dancing to YMCA) Wake up

ME: It’s too early in the morning for the Village People.

HIM: It’s never too early for the Village People.

ME: That reminds me I need to call Felipe.

HIM: Which one is he?

ME: The Indian, but he’s really Puerto Rican.

HIM: They’re all very nice.

ME: Oh you just like them cause they sent you cowboy boots from Brazil, and bought your butch act.

HIM: It’s not an act. I am VERY butch.

ME: Oh please I’m the one whose really butch. I like football and eat red meat.

HIM: There’s a drawer full of make-up, and a closet full of dresses that say “NOT that butch” and your eating red meat and liking football is just some fleeting lesbian tendencies you have.

ME: You have more lesbian tendencies than I do.

HIM: Which proves I’m VERY butch. Now go make me some eggs woman.

ME: If you want some eggs you’re going to have to lay them.

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