You Can Only Be Young Once… BUT…

ME: I am SO excited!
HIM: Let me guess, Michigan won the Big Ten Badminton Championship.
ME: Don’t be ridiculous that’s not until late Spring. And we are favored to win it…
HIM: Of course.
ME: I’m excited because a few kids from Michigan are here for Spring Break.. and they might stop by.
HIM: How many is a few?
ME: 20.
HIM: And how long are they stopping by for?
ME: A few days.
HIM: How many days are few?
ME: A week.
HIM: The last time you held Spring Break at this house, it took me A WEEK to get the cereal crumbs and pizza crusts out of here.
ME: Don’t worry these kids are tidier. And they’ll mostly be at the beach and partying in Hollywood. You won’t even notice they’re here.
HIM: Of course not, who would notice 20 college kids in their house for a week?
ME: So you’re cool with it right?
HIM: And if I’m not.
ME: Well that’s problematic cause they’ll be here in a half hour.
HIM: Billi let’s work on your spelling.
ME: Okay. I LOVE test. Gimme a word.
HIM: Arrested Development.

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