Zipper Museum

HIM: How are you this morning?

ME: Great Michigan beat Ohio State in Basketball last night.

HIM: Yes, I heard; the whole neighborhood heard.

ME: I thought you were asleep in the back room.

HIM: Nahhhh… I just go in the back room and put in some of those MRI earplugs you use in your research when you’re watching a Michigan game. Then I come back when you pass out.

ME: Have we become that routine?

HIM: Yeah, we’re Dullsville, Population 2.

ME: Well we should do something.

HIM: You mean besides work, play on the Internet, fight and occasionally mate.

ME: Yeah

HIM: What should we do?

ME: Hmmm…. well… we could go to a museum

HIM: We’ve been to all of the museums.

ME: We haven’t been to the Thimble Museum–they say you can put what the world knows about Thimbles in a thimble.

HIM: Sounds sew-sew to me. (we laugh)

ME: Or we can go to the Zipper museum in West Hollywood.

HIM: Yeah, let’s fly right over.

ME: There’s no rush… it’s always open.

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