Your Mother Warned You

HIM: Have you been out all night?
ME: Is it morning?
HIM: Yes. It’s 5:00 A.M.
ME: Then I’ve been out all night.
HIM: When did you leave? Where did you go? I thought I heard you come in around 1:00 a.m.
ME: I did. I played some monopoly on line with my friend, then he went to sleep cause he was in Ohio.. and I was up and bored… so i called these girls I met at the salon….
HIM: Some sleazy Hollywood bimbos no doubt.
ME: Actresses and models, one of them just had a huge spread in People… anyway they were partying with this prince from Dubai at The Peninsula… so I went over there.. and hung out with them for a while.
HIM: Princes are wayward! I grew up across the street from one. He was horrible. His country was in Africa, but he lived in Beverly Hills.
ME: OMG, I just realized THAT’s the guy I met at Alice Cooper’s 4th of July party, that got into the fight with those Arab princes and turned the table over on my purse.
HIM: And your point is.
ME: I used to party across the street from your house. I never thought about that until just now. Just think we were that close from meeting each other, 10 years before we got married.
HIM: So you were one of those wayward women that used to come and go from that house all hours of the night that my mother warned me about.
ME: Yes, no, yes, and yes.
HIM: Huh?
ME: Yes I was wayward, no I wasn’t a woman, yes I used to come and go from that house all hours of the night, and yes I’m one of the people your mother warned you about.

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