Firemen Friendly

HIM: Good morning.
ME: How was your swim?
HIM: Great. You know the Fire Department is having a big hiring spurt. I’m thinking about becoming a Fireman.
ME: It’s too dangerous.
HIM: Being an Ocean Lifeguard is dangerous.
ME: I don’t like that either. I wish you would get a safe job.
HIM: I don’t want a woose job.
ME: Well at least they are phasing out the pole. In the new stations they don’t have them.
HIM: (sarcastically)And they don’t use dalmatians anymore… What’s your point?
ME: Well that’s important cause the poles are dangerous. You can get hurt sliding down them.
HIM: The poles are dangerous? THAT’S what you think is dangerous about being a fireman.
ME: That and you can fall off the truck. You know they go fast and they stand on the outside.
HIM: So?
ME: Well what if you’re high or drunk when a fire breaks out… that would be scary on the outside of that truck.
HIM: I don’t get high or drunk. I’m not a drunken, drugged out, uncoordinated diva like you and your girlfriends.
ME: Don’t judge me or my friends, choir boy.
HIM: You know NOTHING about the Fire Department.
ME: I know lot’s about the fire department.
HIM: Like what?
ME: Like they always carry the naked people out first, and most of them prefer boxers to briefs.
HIM: HOW do you know most of them prefer boxers to briefs?
ME: Before I married you I was Firemen-Friendly.
HIM: Yes we all know you love men in uniform.
ME: Especially when they were out of them.

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