Club Sports

(Me and Greg Clary on the phone)
HIM: Greg Clary…
ME: How’s the morphine in New York?
HIM: Better than LA (Default response)
ME: I doubt that, just uglier and hairier like the women in NY. (Default response) So how you feeling?
HIM: I’ve felt better.
ME: But your surgeon says your surgery was a total success.
HIM: I haven’t talked to the doctor yet.
ME: Well it was and he’ll tell you when he sees you.
HIM: My throat is really sore they put this tube down my throat…
ME: Yeah they have to intubate you for the surgery. It’s just a small tube.
HIM: Small my ass. This tube was huge.
ME: Too bad I couldn’t have loaned you my throat. I swallow intubation tubes all the time to terrorize and annoy Walter plus I was captain of the sword swallowing team at Michigan.
HIM: There was no swords swallowing team at Michigan.
ME: Yes there was Clary. It was a club sport… so to speak…

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