AS vs ID

(My Angelic Self and Inner Demon)
ID: I told you Robert would forget their Anniversary. Pay me my money.
AS: You don’t win the bet until the day is over.
ID: You know he forgot.
AS: No I don’t.
ID: How shall we have Billi punish him… tears, theatrics, he’s a pro at that. Or the 3-Day Silent treatment. He can do that. He’ll need some drugs to distract him.
AS: I’ll have NO PART of this. Billi’s bigger than that.
ID: Physically yes, emotionally he’s a gnat.
AS: Not true. Billi’s changed a lot.
ID: Not THAT much.
AS: Come on, not only does he know what year it is. He knows the month and the day.
ID: HE did NOT change. FDA regulations changed.

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