Medical Genius?

(Me & Wally The Evil Badger Cardiologist)
ME: HOW DARE you send Nic in here to torment me.
HIM: I told you I was just doing my job… checking on blood circulation from the heart… You have to be creative when you’re practicing medicine across the pond….
ME: Listen Walter, what if I was sleazy like you, and I did this man and it broke up my marriage?
HIM: You are sleazy like me… You just knew Robert might walk in the room any minute…. and you were just afraid of getting caught.
ME: Totally not true. And you’re reprehensible. You know the Medical Board would crucify you for doing this.
HIM: Never… I could easily educate them as to how this was not only ethical…. but medical genius… I sent him in as a consult.
ME: Walter he’s a gynecologist…
HIM: Yeah and you’re a giant sick pussy. It was a brilliant referral.

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