Olympic Dreams

HIM: Do you hear Michael Phelps retried after winning his last gold metal.
ME: Yeah, he’s a Michigan man… like me…
HIM: He’s a Michigan man, but I don’t know how much like you he is. He’s more like me. I’m a swimmer.
ME: He’s also smokes pot… like me.
HIM: You haven’t smoked pot in years
ME: it’s like riding a bike… And I bet I could compete with Michael Phelps at pot smoking better than you could at swimming.
HIM: I am a REALLY good swimmer.
ME: I could have gone to the Olympics if I had focused.
HIM: Please. In WHAT? Posing for pictures is NOT an olympic event. What would you do at the Olympics?
ME: A lot of things. (Thinking: The Tunisian men’s Volley Ball Team for starters, the Greek men’s track team, The US Basketball Team, Any Italian Male Team, YES I would do A LOT OF THINGS at the olympics…hahaha)

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