Patron Saint of Sleaze

HIM: Welcome home! I’m SO GLAD you’re home
ME: It’s nice to be home. How was work?
HIM: Its been horrible… the heat wave the beaches are crowded
ME: But it’s nice and cool down here.
HIM: Well what shall we fight about?
ME: Why should we have a fight?
HIM: Because we always fight….
ME: Well I have nothing to fight about.
HIM: Well I have a list. 1) These sleazy doctors you posted on your page 2) This kinesiologist, 3) all of these email addresses on the back of this prescription.
ME: I’m friendly and I posted those pictures for my female friends are sex camels.
HIM: Oh yes, The Patron Saint of Sleaze.
ME: It’s not a bad job if you can get steady work.

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