P for Ponytail

HIM: I think I’m going to wear a Pirate hat to work tomorrow.
ME: Why?
HIM: Cause I’m bored.
ME: Oh like the time I cut my hair in mohawk to scare the white folks and the asians at UCLA
HIM: This is not the same.
ME: No cause wearing a Pirate’s hat to work is just lame.
HIM: Getting your hair cut in a mohawk is ridiculous.
ME: My Mohawk was fabulous.
HIM: It was stupid.
ME: Then why didn’t you say anything?
HIM: I did and you didn’t listen cause you never do.
ME: You didn’t listen to me about the pony tail of yours.
HIM: I cut it off.
ME: Robert… You cut it off with a pair of scissors in the middle of huge fight and threw it in my face.
HIM: (Laughs) You deserved it.
ME: You frightened our staff half to death. Shannon and Miriam started crying…
HIM: Frosty didn’t cry.
ME: Frosty’s not well, and neither are you. Who cuts off a pony tail with a pair of scissors and throws it in somebody’s face.
HIM: Somebody that has been driven over the edge by you.
ME: I still have your pony tail.
HIM: What? Why would you keep it.
ME: Well at first I kept it because you stormed out and I was afraid I might never see you again and it was all I had left..
HIM: I was gone for 10 minutes.. I walked around the block.
ME: I know.. and I put in the filing cabinet… and I found it last month when I was cleaning out the garage. .
HIM: What… 20 years later it was still in the filing cabinet.
ME: Yeah it was filed under P. Whoever looks under P for anything.

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