The Fighting Irish Fan

(Me and the ONLY Notre Dame fan I can tolerate right now–my friend’s 7 year old son–on FB messaging)
HIM: Notre Dame won!
HIM: You owe me $5.99
ME: Why?
HIM: You lost the bet.
ME: What bet?
HIM: The bet about the game
ME: I didn’t make a bet with you.
HIM: So what, I made a bet with you.
ME: But I didn’t know about it.
ME: Okay fair enough (Let’s face it I’m 58 going on 8… I completely understand that logic)
HIM: So you have to get on a plane and fly here and pay the bet.
ME: Do you have a mail box?
HIM: Yes
ME: Then I can just mail it. (He lives in South Bend, IN)
HIM: No that’s not the bet. You have to come here.
ME: Okay, in the summer maybe. I don’t like snow unless it’s on a snow cone.
HIM: Oh yeah, and you have to bring me a snow cone.
ME: Why?
HIM: Because it’s a part of the bet.
ME: That wasn’t a part of the bet.
HIM: It is now.
ME: (thinking: I got to flip this kid to being a Michigan fan. He’s WAY TOO smart and adorable for Notre Dame.)

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