HIM: What’s wrong with Julie?
ME: Michigan beat Northwestern in OT
HIM: Really? I thought she didn’t care about football.
ME: Oh PLEASE. What do you think those purple and white balloons were about.
HIM: What purple and white balloons?
ME: In 1996 when Northwestern went to the Rose Bowl. She had all of those tacky purple and white balloons on her porch.
HIM:1996? No I don’t remember that.
ME: I can’t believe you don’t remember that. She got TOTALLY CARRIED AWAY. I’m SO GLAD my ego is not attached to Michigan football
HIM: Are you serious? How can you say that with a straight face? You are OBSESSED with Michigan.
ME: I am NOT obsessed with Michigan football. Give me ONE example of my Michigan football obsession,.
HIM: Your phone ringtone is Hail to The Victors, you have Michigan Shit ALL over your car, EVERY SATURDAY you change your Facebook profile and time line picture to some Michigan thing, you fly that God awful Michigan flag, take out your stupid Michigan letterman jacket, your Michigan mug, your Michigan shot glass, your Michigan sweats, your Michigan T-Shirt, your beat up old Michigan cheerleading megaphone, you yell and scream at T.V. or you go to horrible place with all of those other Michigan maniacs and watch the game and you lead cheers and get drunk and eat food flown in from the Cottage Inn and Pizza Bobs. AND when they went to Sugar Bowl you made that huge M for The boat, one for on top of the garage, and one out of lights and wire for Corinne’s house on the Hill over PCH in Malibu.
ME: I said give me one. Whose being obsessive now?

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