Badgering a Badger

(Me & Wally the Evil Badger Cardiologist)
ME: Well I see your Badgers successfully snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory
HIM: So I suppose Michigan won today
ME:  52-14 and it wasn’t as close as that score indicates
HIM:  I don’t want to talk about football.
ME:  I’m sure you don’t but I do.
HIM: Well I”m calling the shots, whose the doctor here?
ME: That would be both us.
HIM: Of course you’d play THAT card.
ME: You mean the a PhD in Neuroscience is a higher academic degree than an MD
HIM: Whatever!  What else is going on?
ME: Well I was included on this list of the 30 most influential neuroscientist alive
HIM: Yeah, well they must be using the term alive, VERY loosely.  So I went to a great concert and Igot to sit in the VIP section in the front where you are seated at tables and they serve you gourmet food.
ME: Oh like the Turf Club at Santa Anita without the horses.
HIM: Yeah, well they have a great menu and a decent wine list… have you ever sat in this section at a concert.
ME: Actually, I didn’t even know they had such a section… I only went to 3 concerts in college, the Who, Bette Midler and Sly & the family Stone and I was so high I don’t remember those
HIM: You’ve only been to 3 concerts in your life.
ME: No I’ve been to dozens of concerts.  But the other ones were either in LA or San Francisco, and I was always back stage and in the green room, so I don’t really know about that table section, but that’s cool.  Whose concert was it.
HIM: It was a classical ensemble…The—-
ME: WHAT? Classical music?   Are you fucking kidding me.  How gay is that?
HIM: It’s not gay it’s cultured you barbarian.
ME: Well now this makes sense, I just couldn’t imagine a section with tables at the Stones or a Pitbull, concert.
HIM:  Whose Pitbull?
ME:  You remember that guy that brought me the whiskey that time I was in the hospital… and you guys got all jacked out of shape about it.
HIM: a lot of guys. and several women bring you whiskey every time you are in the hospital
ME: I’m in the hospital a lot, don’t judge me, anyway, a couple of years ago,  the sexy guy, Armando,
HIM: Oh yes, the guy that was knee deep in hot bitches…
ME: Yeah that would be him.
HIM: How did you meet him?
ME: How in the hell would I know, my hippocampus is not all it could be.
HIM: Your memory is terrible.
ME: But I remember Michigan won, and Wisconsin lost.

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