Jocks will be Jocks

(Me & one of the Jocks I mentor)
HIM: G guess what?
ME: You were at the mall
HIM: How did you know? 
ME: Cause you are at the mall so much the mannequins call you by name. 
HIM: Oh snap! So guess what?
ME: You met a girl; 
HIM: How did you know?
ME: You eat, you burp, you go to the mall and you meet girls those are the only speeds on your dial
HIM: NOT true, I work out, go to practice, and I smash
ME: what is smash
HIM: Seriously? Dude…. Smash… you know going to the bone yard… hammer time
ME: We’ve been through this…. I speak old dude….
HIM: I’m talking about having sex.
ME: Oh yes, you mate, I forgot about that.
HIM: Mate? you make me seem like an animal.
ME: Humans are animals, and that’s on a good day.
HIM: Haha…. so I met this chick from Bloomfield, and she was hot as hell, she goes to Michigan State… so I got her digits while her boyfriend was trying on pants and I just sexted her brains out.
ME: if it took more than 3 words

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